Air BnB

With the popularity of Air BnB’s increasing its important to get the best solution for your front door.

  1. All doors should have a thumb turn on the inside of the front door (ideally the back door as well) for escape reasons especially as the occupants will not be familiar with the property.
  2. The front door should lock on the latch when closed, if not tenants might think the door is secure as this is how their door operates at home and in fact anybody could just walk in.
  3. In my opinion the keys should not be able to be copied, they should be on a restricted profile system, this means that keys can only be copied by the  owner.
  4. Most of my customers have a good quality key safe fitted by the front door. The key safe allows tenants to “check in” without the need of the owners being present, also if the tenant gets locked out then there is a key available.

All situation are different and some require different solutions, please call me and we can work out the best solution for you.

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