Communal Entrance Doors

Communal entrance doors set are often set up without longevity in mind, what is there to stop anybody cutting a duplicate key, what happens when the locks wear out, everybody needs new keys and once the original keys are lost in the system additional keys are cut from copies, then copies from copies…etc

It is worth getting it right first time.

  1. All communal doors should have a thumb turn on the inside so the door can always be opened for escape purpose.
  2. In my opinion all locks should have restricted profile key, this means that keys can only be cut with the relevant permission, if a flat is tenanted there is no way of controlling how many keys are cut and shared out, if the management company have to authorise duplicate keys then at least there are records.
  3. Most standard cylinders come with three keys, additional keys are then copied from copies, the problem with this is that each time a key is copied from a copy there is a slight variation, keys will become so worn that it is a struggle to get the key to turn and eventually a key will snap in the lock. If the keys are cut to code then every key will be like the first.
  4. If the communal entrance serves many flats the lock itself will become worn itself and eventually will need to be replaced, this will need new keys for all the tenants etc. If a coded key cylinder has been fitted a new cylinder can be pinned to match the original keys.

All situations are different and some require different solutions, please call me for if you would like some help designing a system that will work best for your site.


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