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Help! My Front Door is Not Locking

If your front door is not locking, the security of your home is compromised. As well as leaving you feeling vulnerable, a door that can open easily will expose your home to the elements. Knowing how to fix a front door lock is important both for your personal security and peace of mind. Before you consider a DIY door lock… ...Read More

A Guide to Front Door Lock Types

When it comes to front door lock types, many homeowners are baffled by the choice. Knowing which lock to choose for optimum protection can mean the difference between excellent security and poor security. That is why we have prepared this guide to front door lock types. It will help you understand the types of door locks available and what they… ...Read More

The Best Type Of Lock

I am often asked what is the best lock? I think a better question is have you got the right type of lock for your door? These are the type of locks that I would like to see on which doors, and how they should operate. Locks For Wooden Doors Front Door A front door should have some type of… ...Read More

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