What to Do if Your UPVC Door Won’t Open

If a UPVC door lock mechanism breaks, your door will either not open or close. As well as posing a potential security risk, it could leave you out in the cold – literally. If you need to replace a UPVC door lock, knowing which part or type to buy can be difficult. While some parts for UPVC door locks can be bought and easily fitted, some property owners take the opportunity to review their overall home security.

Upgrading to a UPVC composite door and investing in a multi-point locking system with door security bolts will offer a long-lasting solution. If that is not for you, invest in a replacement door lock mechanism as soon as possible. A professional locksmith will be able to supply the correct mechanism needed for your UPVC door. They will also be able to fit it. See the guide below to identify the type of mechanism you will need. Note: if your door won’t open, call a locksmith.

UPVC Front Door Locks and Handles

UPVC front door locks and handles come in a range of styles. For example, locks may use a combination of lock types, i.e. hook, deadbolt, roller cam, finger bolt, centre latch, mushroom cam and anti-lift pin and hook. Handles may take the form of a lever or a pad. If you need a replacement lock for a UPVC door, be careful to buy the right one. Make sure you give a locksmith as much information as possible, so they can help you make the right buying choice. This is not the time to make an off the shelf purchase.

When surveying your broken UPVC door lock, take care to note if it comprises a multi-point locking system. You can identify a multipoint door lock by brand and the number of locking points. Check the metal plate running down the side of the door for the brand name. Then check the type and combination of locks used and carefully measure the distance between them. Now make a note of the locking mechanism, i.e. lever, key or lever pad. Don’t forget to write down centre and backset sizes too. Once you have got all the information, you can order a replacement locking mechanism with confidence.

UPVC Door Repairs

If you struggle to identify the type of locking mechanism or the correct multipoint locking system, talk to a professional locksmith for expert advice. Buying the wrong lock or component will not only waste time and money but, if you try to install it, could also damage your door. The sheer number of multipoint locking systems on the market makes it very difficult for most people to determine the type fitted to their UPVC door.

Getting the right advice at the right time will save you a lot of hassle in the long run. For helpful advice when you need it, contact 01323 899 999 or e-mail greganderson@live.co.uk. Experts in UPVC door lock repairs, they will be able to ensure you get the right replacement lock.

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